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We believe sound financial strategies outlast the uncertainty of the moment. Markets move, and economies change, but our strategies are built to evolve. That’s why we constantly strive to provide a consistent and objective perspective to help ensure your investments are structured for today and for the future.

We offer a full suite of services catered to MVCU members and their families. From helping individuals and business owners, to retirees and new investors, we’ll help you to coordinate your investments and financial goals, so you can stay focused on what matters most in your life. Whatever you hope to achieve, we’ll be here to help you make sensible choices through all of life’s stages.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re in the prime of your career, are just a few years away from leaving the workforce, or are already retired, we can help you gain confidence that your long-term goals will be met. Your financial consultant will help you understand when you can safely retire, your income needs, and what is necessary to meet your retirement goals. For those already retired, we will review your plan for longevity risk, helping you ensure that your desired lifestyle will be maintained throughout your future.

For the past 20 years, we have helped clients effortlessly transition from the working world into retirement. By looking at the whole picture of your life, we can develop a tailor-made plan of action that evaluates pensions and social security income, 401(k) plans, savings, stock options, deferred compensation, and other assets to structure a reliable income stream throughout your future.

Asset Protection

In recent years, we’ve seen that aggressive and conservative products, both domestic and global, can move in tandem with one another. In other words, we have experienced market scenarios in which create worrisome volatility-even for diversified portfolios.

Smart strategic asset allocation has worked well for both institutions and individuals over the long-term. We can also offer product allocation—where appropriate, using instruments that can protect your portfolio from negative returns early in retirement—may help you reduce the volatility of your investment assets.

IRA Legacy Planning

IRA accounts have become one of the largest types of assets inherited by beneficiaries. Given the large amounts of IRA money many people have amassed, you may wish to consider a legacy planning strategy to reduce taxes and increase the payout your beneficiaries will inherit upon your death. In many cases your retirement accounts will be the largest asset(s) you leave to your heirs.

A properly structured IRA may provide your beneficiaries a regular stream of income while leaving the balance of IRA assets invested for tax-deferred growth. The result may yield substantially more money paid out over the course of your beneficiary’s lifetime. We can help you evaluate your financial scenario to determine if IRA legacy planning may be the best means for ensuring a long-lasting inheritance for your heirs.

Income Planning

Thanks to new prescription drugs and medical technology, people are living longer than ever before. However, one drawback to a longer life is the greater possibility of outliving your savings – creating all the more reason to develop a retirement income plan designed to last a longer lifetime.

We can help you design an income plan using sensible assumptions so that we can help you avoid depleting your accounts too soon.

Portfolio Management

From identifying short and long-term objectives, to assessing resources and your level of risk tolerance, we strive to first gain a deep appreciation for every aspect of your situation before offering our recommendations.

We draw upon wide-ranging investment products and services to deliver create portfolios designed to meet your needs for income and capital appreciation. Our  strategies may integrate individual stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, and other investments which offer a very low cost-to-hold.
In some cases, we may also recommend alternative investment funds and third-party asset managers with whom we have strategic partnerships.

Transition Planning

Transitions and change make life exciting, but they are often very scary or stressful. Some transitions will have a profound impact on your financial trajectory.  Any time you experience a transition, we are here to help you to review and if necessary adjust your goals and investments.

Life transitions are situations like these:

Family transitions

Events like getting married or divorced impact your family. It’s important during these times to check how well your financial plans meet your family’s needs. Seeing the whole new picture allows your partners at Fish and Associates to help you make necessary adjustments.

Job Transitions

When you change jobs, it often affects your income and overall budget for better or worse. Did you get a raise, take early retirement, or get laid off? Perhaps you have recently had a child and you’ve decided to stay home for a few years. Are you trying to figure out what to do with your old 401(k)? These are very big events in your life, but we deal with these scenarios on a regular basis. We are here to help you figure out and make sensible adjustments if needed so that you can stay on course working towards your financial goals.

Death Transitions

When you lose a spouse or a loved one, it is a difficult, emotional, and confusing time. There are important and sometimes complex financial decisions that are required, such as transferring the ownership of assets such as retirement and investment accounts. You will also need to fully understand the impact on your financial situation moving forward. MVCU is here to help your through the process.


If you have received or expect to receive an inheritance, an effective strategy can help your inheritance last a long time and enhance your financial security if it is handled correctly. Our advisors can help you put together a strategy in coordination with your legal and tax professionals to help maximize your results.

Your transition won’t look like anyone else’s; they’re all unique. We’ll help you adjust your income, make decisions about work, housing, and other important aspects of your life so you can move forward more confident and present in the everyday.

Expecting a new family member

This is also an excellent time to re-examine goals. We can help you set up a college funds and adjust your retirement plans if necessary.

Comprehensive Investment Products and Advisory Services We Offer:


  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Account Distribution Planning
  • Asset management
  • Tax-advantaged investment
  • Risk control and monitoring strategies
  • Alternative investment strategies
  • Wealth management consultation
  • Free Portfolio Reviews


  • Mutual funds
  • UITs
  • REITs
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETFs
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities
  • Investment IRAs
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Business planning (401K Plan services, Profit Sharing and Money Purchase plans, SEP and SIMPLE plans)